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Why, "Off My Meds" Is Not For Sale On

It’s actually very easy to get your book listed on I had a book listed on Amazon before, and I discovered like many authors did, that the millions of “used books” that are sold on Amazon completely cuts the authors out of the profits from their books. The only ones making money is Amazon and their “partners”. They've sold far more of my books “used” than new.

Here what the Author’s Guild had to say about Amazon’s practice of aggressively acquiring and selling used books (excerpted from the New York Times).

New York Times
Business Day

Online Sales Of Used Books Draw Protest


APRIL 10, 2002

Authors are rebelling against new efforts by to spur sales of used books, a practice that has become a major source of revenue for Amazon but pays nothing to writers or publishers.

The Authors Guild, a trade group for writers, yesterday sent an e-mail message to its 8,200 members, advising them to stop helping Amazon sell books by linking to it from their own Web sites, citing Amazon's ''notorious used-book service.''

''Amazon's practice does damage to the publishing industry, decreasing royalty payments to authors and profits to publishers,'' the guild wrote in its message. ''There's no good reason for authors to be complicit in undermining their own sales.''


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