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Black Lives Matter Is The Enemy Of African Americans
It’s nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing created by a cabal of wealthy billionaires to manipulate, control, and use the African American community.

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Black Lives Matter is not the black-created, black-run, grass-roots organization dedicated to helping black people and fighting racism that it pretends to be. In reality it is the malevolent
creation of a few very wealthy individuals, non-profits corporations, and the mainstream media.

Rap / hip-hop is the new and improved vehicle for the same old degrading Black stereotypes from the past. It not only portrays African Americans as being violence prone, criminal, promiscuous, and stupid, but even worse, it blatantly promotes, glamorizes, and glorifies this type of behavior.

This is according to "Who Owns Black Lives Matter" (Silverstone Press); a controversial and politically incorrect new book by African American writer, cartoonist, activist, and a former member of a radical Black Nationalist group Leslie Taha.

Using humorous satirical cartoons along with very serious commentary this book tells the story of how Black Lives Matter and Rap / Hip Hop music is being used by wealthy individuals and corporations to destroy the African American community.


About the Author

Leslie Taha is an African American writer, social activist, author, cartoonist, and former member of the Nation of Islam. His articles and cartoons have appeared in newspapers throughout the country. He currently runs the website, “NewAfricaRadio.com”, and is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Off My Meds”.